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फेसबुकमा ‘यदि भोली म मरे भने.. ‘ लेखेर युवतीले गरिन् आत्महत्या (भिडियो रिपोर्ट)

The Eastern town of Biratamod is in a shock after a young girl allegedly committed suicide. In an apparent suicide, 20-year-old Rekha Sedhai was found dead in her room yesterday. Police said they had found the dead body of the girl hanging from the ceiling with a shawl.

It is said that the girl was popular in Facebook group with the name of Reecha Sedhai. It is unclear why the girl committed suicide and the police said that they are investigating the case. However, the relatives of the girl have said that Reecha Sedhai took the decision to end her life as she couldn’t collect money for her further studies.

She was active in Facebook till yesterday afternoon and had posted a photo with the question: If I die tomorrow, what is one thing that you will always remember about me?

Many speculations have been made, but the reason for the suicide will be only established after police investigation.

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