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प्रियंका कार्कीको महिनाको कमाई र खर्च कत्ती हुन्छ ? जान्नुहोस यो भिडियोमा प्रियंकाले खोलिन आफ्नो खर्चको बारेमा

It is said that Priyanka Karki is one of the most costliest actress of Nepal at recent scenario. She is one of the busiest actress of Nepal. We have talked with Priyanka Karki about her earning and expenses. How much Priyanka earn? How much she spends every day? She shares that she will be spending around 50 thousand per month in an average and all those money are spent on makeup and dress. She shares that she has a plan to get her own personal van that will be helpful for her during shooting. She also says that she is fond of chocolates and sweet foods. Priyanka Karki has recently signed new film of Deepa Shree Niraula. She says that her charge for doing a film has been increased every year due to her stardom. Watch an exclusive video interview with Priyanka Karki where we have talked with her about her income and expenses:

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