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यसरी घरमै बनाएर खानुहोस् रसबरी (भिडियोसहित) 0

Rasgulla is a traditional and most popular Bengali Sweet. This is a popular Nepal /Indian sweets made during festivals and special occasions. Rasgulla is even called as Rasbari in Nepali. It is one of the favorite sweet or dessert dish.

Here are the necessary ingredients to make Rasbari: Fresh Milk (1.5 Liter), Sugar (500g), Cardamom (6-7 pieces), Lemon Juice (3 Table Spoon), Water (1 Liter). Now let’s begin to make rasbari.

First we will boil milk. Now, stir the milk continuously so that it doesn’t burn at bottom. Once milk starts to boil turn the heat off. Pour some lemon juice and gently stir it. Water and milk particles are separated. Now, we need to separate milk particles from the water so we will strain all water from milk through pouring it into thin and neat fabrics.

Wash it with the cold water. It will help to remove sourness from the milk and also will cool it. Squeeze the excess water out. Hang it somewhere till the remaining water gets out. Mash it for around 2-3 minutes. It should now turn into dough. Now, we will make small balls out of this. Make sure that there are no cracks in the ball.

Now to make rasbari we will make sugar syrup. For that in one-liter water add 500 gram of sugar. Add cardamom as well for better taste. Once it starts to boil, add balls and cook it for 12 minutes and it become in double size. Let it cool down once it is cooled put it in refrigerator for 5 hour and your yummy rasbari is ready to be served.


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