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चलचित्र ‘कृ’का ५ राम्रा, ५ नराम्रा पक्ष (भिडियो रिपोर्ट) 0

Anmol KC starrer film ‘KRI’ has been creating a buzz in Nepali film industry. The film has gathered mixed reactions with some calling the film a very good and others saying the much anticipated film as a worse. No matter, the film has been doing a great business in the box office.

The video presented here will be talking about five good points and some five bad points of the film. Now, let’s begin shedding light on five good things about the film.

The best part of the film is cinematography. The film has been shot brilliantly in exotic locations and you will definitely enjoy watching the film.

The film has presented action scenes brilliantly. It has been said that the actions shown in the film has changed the image of actor Anmol KC from a lover boy to an action boy.

Another good aspect of the film is background sound. Thanks to proper uses of background sound, the film looks technically brilliant. Likewise, the hard work by actor Anmol KC to shape his body can be clearly seen in the film. The last thing is the production unit has spent money without hesitation, from location to sets. Watch the video for full information.


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